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From: Michael Castle <mcastle AT umr DOT edu>
Subject: Re: EMACS
To: mitnits AT bgumail DOT bgu DOT ac DOT il (Roman Mitnitski)
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 1994 09:28:47 -0600 (CDT)
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

Amazingly enough Roman Mitnitski said:
>  It is possible, and I made it at home (binary I've got works for me)
> the steps were: 
> 1) exe2coff emacs.exe -> extract emacs. from emacs.exe
> 2) del emacs.exe
> 3) copy /b go32.exe+emacs emacs.exe (Well, I made it other way, but it's
>                                      the same)

I think using coff2exe would be better than this method as that will pad
the go32.exe so that the unix style executable is page aligned .. which
makes paging in pages much faster (and since code pages are paged in from
disk whenever discarded, as opposed to paged out along with data, you do
this a lot).  Can you use coff2exe with any go32.exe file?

> now , here comes the question:
>  somehow after this manipulation I got extra 20K of memory in shell
> escape (Ctrl-Z).... I like it, but I wonder why it happens????

Well.. before.. stub.exe would call go32.exe which would then shell out
with C-z.... now you're just calling go32.exe so I would assume that
stub.exe uses about 20k....

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