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02:29:43 Re: UNIX functions (
03:30:52 Error: Unknown pseudo-op: `.stabs' ? huh ? (Robert Fairchild - EECS)
03:33:42 EMACS (
03:35:38 Re: cross development (again) (Christoph Kukulies)
04:31:08 Re: EMACS (Darryl Okahata)
06:29:08 Re: memxxx() library functions (Dieter Buerssner)
06:31:11 more about Soundblaster code lockups (Stefan Eckart)
10:30:20 (John Dalbec - Grad - Sturmfels)
10:32:39 *Very* ambitious question.... (Chris Mr. Tangerine Man Tate)
11:30:32 *Very* ambitious question.... (Ireneusz Olchawski)
11:33:00 passing arguments (was fileutil...shellutil...) (Marty Leisner)
11:34:49 Re: fileutil, shellutil, textutil and find/xargs are available (Marty Leisner)
11:36:53 Re: *Very* ambitious question.... (DJ Delorie)
12:30:04 uploads to cygnus - dll, farptr, V2.0 src (DJ Delorie)
12:32:19 libpc (Martin Schoeberl)
14:32:34 Re: (Bob Babcock)
15:31:56 Re: passing arguments (was fileutil...shellutil...) (DJ Delorie)
15:34:26 Re: UNIX functions (Kurt Perkins)
15:36:30 Re: *Very* ambitious question.... (Michael Castle)
15:38:48 Re: EMACS (Michael Castle)
16:34:18 Source listings and debuggers (stephen kachman)
19:30:24 Re: uploads to cygnus - dll, farptr, V2.0 src (Bob Babcock)
23:33:59 DV & Multiple threads? [was: *Very* ambitious question....] (Stephen Turnbull)
23:36:36 Re: *Very* ambitious question.... (Master 92))
23:38:42 serial port and outportb problems (Michael Snoswell)

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