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01:10:10 Re: Linking error (Bob Babcock)
03:10:02 DJGPP and Windows (John E. Davis)
04:07:34 cross environment (again) (Christoph Kukulies)
07:07:07 Re: Can't Get Graphics (
08:07:07 memxxx() library functions (
08:09:18 Re: DJGPP and Windows (
09:07:53 Re: exec on dos (U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik)
09:09:46 go32 issue (
10:09:10 Re: DJGPP and Windows (DJ Delorie)
10:11:09 Re: exec on dos (DJ Delorie)
10:13:14 go32 issue (Pascal RICHARD)
10:15:01 Re: exec on dos (DJ Delorie)
10:17:00 Re: memxxx() library functions (DJ Delorie)
10:18:41 problems compiling with 1.11 (Phil Kemp)
11:09:12 Re: memxxx() library functions (Chris Mr. Tangerine Man Tate)
11:11:44 Can't run gcc ! (Ireneusz Olchawski)
11:13:11 INT86 Question (Mark Wyman(AH))
12:10:06 Soundblaster code lockups? (David Baggett)
15:12:06 Re: INT86 Question (Bob Babcock)
15:14:50 Query about getting started (Anthony Preston)
15:17:14 Re: INT86 Question (DJ Delorie)
15:19:34 Re: Soundblaster code lockups? (DJ Delorie)
18:34:37 UNIX functions (Kurt Perkins)
18:36:48 Re: Soundblaster code lockups? (Stefan Eckart)
19:30:42 DJGPP and Windows (John E. Davis)
19:34:22 Re: memxxx() library functions (Darryl Okahata)
21:30:08 fileutil, shellutil, textutil and find/xargs are available (
23:33:24 Ioctl, Stty, etc. (Douglas Rupp)

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