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A few weeks ago, I asked the list for opinions about using djgpp with 4dos;
the response (from those who answered) was overwhelmingly in favor.  So I
got it, and have been using it happily...

One of the features of 4dos is that you can specify additional "executable
extensions" (beyond .bat, .com, .exe) in such a way that the program intended
to run the "file" you are submitting is automatically submitted to your
program of choice.  E. g., if a go32 coff has the extension .g32 I can
define an environment variable
  set .g32=c:\bin\go32.exe
which will force recognition of the file as executable under go32.  But 
when I take this tack, the go32 banner is always displayed.  Is there a 
way to suppress it?
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