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03:57:27 rand() (Murle C. Meetze III)
03:59:41 What's wrong with my grafx routine? (Matthew Moss)
09:56:46 SUMMARY - Text screen I/O (Chris Mr. Tangerine Man Tate)
15:57:38 rand() (Matthew Moss)
16:57:46 Re: rand() (Eric "Falsch Freiheit" Eisenhart)
17:58:31 How do you debug a debugger? (Bob Babcock)
18:00:20 Re: SUMMARY - Text screen I/O (Bob Babcock)
18:02:07 Re: What's wrong with my grafx routine? (Bob Babcock)
22:56:46 getting go32 to run... (David Linder)

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