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03:28:44 Xlib emulation (
03:33:49 go32 crashes, fstream problems (RISHAB GHOSH)
04:28:46 GCC cannot recognize the 386's Debug regs. (Ron Grunwald)
07:28:44 GR(X) device for GhostScript (Rene Jager)
08:28:44 Re: Xlib emulation (U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik)
09:29:14 PDCurses's demo problem. (T K Tsai (I Hall))
09:32:34 Source for Memory available function? (jbabcock)
10:30:48 g++ help (Russell Dowling)
10:34:08 Weird messages (Gary Lawrence Murphy)
11:29:32 int86(0x13... (Laurent Pierre Gilliard)
11:34:20 Re: Source for Memory available function? (Bob Babcock)
12:28:44 sockets and such (Christoph Kukulies)
12:36:33 Re: PDCurses's demo problem. (
13:29:22 gnu make woes (Christoph Kukulies)
13:32:19 paradise.grn (Laurent Pierre Gilliard)
13:34:56 Re: int86(0x13... (DJ Delorie)
13:37:40 Re: g++ help (DJ Delorie)
14:30:04 Re: gnu make woes (DJ Delorie)
14:32:55 Re: Weird messages (Gary Lawrence Murphy)
17:39:27 tcp/ip and unix network applic using djgpp (Yigal Hochberg)
18:33:06 Re: Weird messages (Gordon Hogenson)
19:30:06 GR(X) device for GhostScript (Stephen Turnbull)
20:28:44 Problems with DJGPP 1.11 (GAS2.11) (Elston)
22:30:27 Re: Problems with DJGPP 1.11 (GAS2.11) (Bob Babcock)

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