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From: Mark Bergman <bergman AT panix DOT com>
Subject: go32 error under DV
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu (DJGPP)
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 11:19:15 -0500 (EST)

I'm unable to execute go32 (current maint. release) under
DesqView & the MKS Toolkit. I've got an 8MB 486, and I get
the error:
	go32: cannot execute: insufficient memory

My QEMM line in config.sys is (broken for clarity):

 		SORT:Y MAPS=0 NW3 I=C700-CAFF I=F200-F2FF I=F400-F5FF

I do NOT have DPMI enabled. DOS's mem /d reports:

  Address     Name          Size       Type 
  -------     --------     ------     ------
  000000                   000400     Interrupt Vector
  000400                   000100     ROM Communication Area
  000500                   000200     DOS Communication Area

  000700      IO           0F2380     System Data
                  MOUSE                 System Device Driver 
                  QEMM386$              System Device Driver 
                  EMMXXXX0              System Device Driver 
                  CON                   System Device Driver 
                  AUX                   System Device Driver 
                  PRN                   System Device Driver 
                  CLOCK$                System Device Driver 
                  A: - H:               System Device Driver 
                  COM1                  System Device Driver 
                  LPT1                  System Device Driver 
                  LPT2                  System Device Driver 
                  LPT3                  System Device Driver 
                  COM2                  System Device Driver 
                  COM3                  System Device Driver 
                  COM4                  System Device Driver 

  0F2A80      MSDOS        FFF0E5     System Data

  001060      IO           000320     System Data
                QEMM386    000310      DEVICE=    
                  QEMM386$              Installed Device Driver 
  001390      MSDOS        000000     System Program

  0013A0      MSDOS        000020               
  0013D0      SHARE        001830               
  002C10      INIT         001EA0               
  004AC0      INIT         000030               
  004B00       000040               
  004B50       000220               
  004D80       008E80               
  00DC10      MSDOS        000030     -- Free --
  00DC50      SH           008460               
  0160C0      mem.exe      000370               
  016440      MSDOS        000080     -- Free --
  0164D0      mem.exe      0176F0               
  02DBD0      MSDOS        072400     -- Free --

    654336 bytes total conventional memory
    654336 bytes available to MS-DOS
    563968 largest executable program size

  Handle      EMS Name      Size   
  -------     --------     ------  
       0                   000000
       1      EMB1         300000
       2      HYDKRdy      000000
       3      HYDKWait     000000
       4      HYDKUpdt     000000
       5      HMA          010000
       6      XDV:hiDV     00C000
       7      DV:Mail      004000
       9      DV:Win2      094000

   6897664 bytes total EMS memory
   3014656 bytes free EMS memory

   7340032 bytes total contiguous extended memory
         0 bytes available contiguous extended memory
   3014656 bytes available XMS memory
           High Memory Area in use


Any suggestions?

Mark Bergman    Biker, IATSE #1 Stagehand, (former) Unix user support grunt
718-855-9148	bergman AT panix DOT com	{cmcl2,uunet}!panix!bergman
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