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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 08:39:10 -0500
From: DJ Delorie <dj AT ctron DOT com>
To: djgpp-announce AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: [dj AT ctron DOT com: - djgpp 1.11.maint2 maintainence update]

I have uploaded to the SimTel Software Repository (available by anonymous
ftp from the primary mirror site OAK.Oakland.Edu and its mirrors):

pub/msdos/djgpp/     djgpp 1.11.maint2 maintainence update
dj111m2.doc     djgpp 1.11.maint2 maintainence update doc

This is the second update to djgpp 1.11.  This fixes a number of minor
bugs in the headers and libraries, see the doc file for specifics.  This
should be installed on top of

djgpp 1.11.maint2 update uploaded by DJ Delorie (dj AT ctron DOT com)

-- contents of dj111m2.doc follow:

This document has instructions for 1.11.maint2, the second bugfix release
for 1.11. 

To apply this bugfix, unzip from the same place you unzipped
all the 1.11 zip files and dj111m1 AFTER you unzip all the others.  If
you unzip another 1.11 zipfile, you should re-unzip the maintainance zip
file to ensure you still have the bugfixes. 

	unzip -o

This bugfix affects the following modules:

The file docs/djgpp/new111m2.doc in describes the bugfixes.
A copy of new111m2.doc is attached:

go32/control.c: don't allow return when not expecting it (ctrl-break exception 16)
go32/utils.c: don't allow return when not expecting it
include/std.h: add prototype for labs.
libsrc/pc/src/gppconio.c : clrscr erased one too far to the right
include/stdio.h: added SEEK_* as per POSIX
include/io.h: protect setmode in C++
include/process.h: protect against C++ and multiple inclusion
include/stdio.h: added fgetpos, fsetpos
docs/djgpp/libc-d-f.tex: docs for fgetpos, fsetpos
src/gcc-257/objc/makefile.dos: don't optimize, due to bug in gcc
tests/t16.bat, tests/t16.m: new test for ObjC.
include/vararg.h: replaced from gcc-2.5.7
include/stdarg.h: replaced from gcc-2.5.7
include/stddef.h: replaced from gcc-2.5.7
include/fcntl.h: added file sharing defines
go32/exphdlr.c: fixed case for int 0x21 func 0x3d using & instead of |
docs/djgpp/libc-i-m.tex: docs for lock()
docs/djgpp/libc-t-z.tex: docs for unlock()
include/io.h: prototypes for lock() and unlock()
libsrc/c/dos/lock.c: source for lock() and unlock()
libsrc/c/dos/doslock.s: helpers for lock() and unlock()
include/keys.h: replace "Plua" with "Plus"
tests/t17.bat, tests/t17.c: test of sscanf return value
include/sys/stat.h: need IFFIFO and IFIFO, add mode_t
include/aout.h: replace word32 with unsigned long
include/coff.h: new file, from go32/ed/coff.h
libsrc/c/dos/exec.c: fix arg passing to batch files, flush stdout
go32/stubinfo.h: update version number
go32/ed/syms.c: allow for filenames more than 8 characters

bin/go32.exe (etc)

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