Mail Archives: djgpp/1994/01/17/03:16:05

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 09:01:32 +0100
From: terra AT diku DOT dk
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: Ctrl-Break


Setup: djgpp 1.11m2, using "emm386 noems" (i.e., using VCPI)

Problem: the sample program ctrlbrk bombs with unexpected exception 0x2F
after ctrl-break is hit a couple of times.  The program trace-back is
not completed correctly because of exception 0x0D's.

If I had the dumps here, I'd add them.  I know I should, sorry.

Morten Welinder
terra AT diku DOT dk

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