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From: Zach Heilig <heilig AT cs DOT UND DOT NoDak DOT Edu>
Subject: Re: pktdrvr.c and TCP/IP and stuff...
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 02:47:33 -0600 (CST)

From: Russell Nelson <nelson AT crynwr DOT com>
> In article <199401120110 DOT AA24083 AT agassiz DOT cas DOT und DOT NoDak DOT Edu> you write:
>   > 1) is there a tcp/ip library for dos that provides a unix networking
>   >    interface, and (if not):
>   > 
>   > 2) where would I find enough documentation to write functions to
>   >    emulate the functionality that I need.
> Wattcp would be a good start.  It provides the same capability with
> different semantics.  That is, you don't get 'socket()', 'bind()',
> 'accept()', etc, but you get functions that accomplish the same thing.

I tried wattcp, and I couldn't get it to work in my environment.  It
doesn't seem to recognize that I have a packet driver installed (even
though I do, and pktdrvr.c recognizes, and uses it successfully).  I
set the various addresses for my primary/secondary name-server, my
gateway, and my IP address, etc.  I might try it again, now that I
have more of a idea what I'm doing, but I don't think I forgot
anything then...

(the TCP/IP stuff for MS-Kermit doesn't work either... it also doesn't
 seem to be able to recognize the packet driver, even though I think
 the packet driver that I'm using came from it's distribution. I
 wonder if the fact that my network is Token-Ring instead of Ethernet
 has anything to do with it.)

From: Andrew M. Langmead <aml AT world DOT std DOT com>
> Heres one solution if you can't find others. The libraries for
> DESQview/X (qddvx102.a) contain BSD socket like calls. The drawback is
> that your program would then only work when running DESQview/X.

Unfortunately, I don't have DESQview/X, and even then, I must be able
to run this program in the background under MS-Windows...

From: keck <keck AT sage DOT unr DOT edu>
> Yes, there is.  The company:
> 	NetManage, Inc.
> 	20823 Stevens Creek Blvd.
> 	Cupertino, CA 95014 USA
> 	Phone: (408) 973-7171
> sells a socket libraries for both DOS and Microsoft Windows.  The DOS
> version -- which I have not used -- is called the DPA-Based DOS API
> socket library.  Of course, this is a 16-bit library so one can't
> just link it with his 32-bit djgpp application.  The documentation
> is readable and seems good enough.

Hmm. this sounds cool and could possibly be workable, assuming a
person could load up an object file into conventional memory, and call
those (16-bit) routines via one of the dpmi_* functions.

It probably would be simpler to find documentation for the low-level
TCP/IP routines and write the functionality I need.

From: Harco de Hilster <harcoh AT cs DOT kun DOT nl>
> An other sollution is to use Peter Tattems ?? tcpdrv. It's a TSR on top
> of a packet driver. It offers almost the same interface as wattcp, but
> it lakes e.g. a resolver interface. The missing code can be taken from
> the wattcp librairy.
> Last week I started to write a djgpp interface for the tcpdrv, but I
> haven't got very far. If any one is interested in working on it
> together, let me know. I think I would be a greatly simplify porting
> unix code.

Well, if there is no other choices, this one looks the most useful to
me at this moment (assuming that it works...).  How far have you

	Zach Heilig	(heilig AT cs DOT und DOT nodak DOT edu) ==
			(heilig AT agassiz DOT cas DOT und DOT nodak DOT edu)

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