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00:31:44 Conversion of Unix to DOS file names (Ed Carryer)
04:31:19 -lgpl (Christoph Kuhmuench)
05:31:16 Re: -lgpl (
06:31:16 Re: -lgpl (
08:32:47 Re: gcc swapping (
09:31:17 oh yea, and another one (Brian Hechinger)
09:33:33 two questions (Brian Hechinger)
09:35:22 Re: Eiffel/S 1.2 and djgpp (DJ Delorie)
09:37:33 Re: -lgpl (DJ Delorie)
09:39:59 Re: how to install a PM keyboard handler/C calling conventions (DJ Delorie)
09:41:52 Re: (DJ Delorie)
10:36:14 Re: oh yea, and another one (DJ Delorie)
10:39:23 Re: two questions (DJ Delorie)
10:41:43 Re: Not trapping overflow etc in Gnu C (
11:34:12 Re: profiling (Robert D. Seals)
12:31:32 Re: profiling (DJ Delorie)
12:34:05 Re: Not trapping overflow etc in Gnu C (
19:31:39 re: second of two questions (Stephen Turnbull)
21:31:17 Eiffel/S 1.2 and djgpp - NEWS! (Mark T. Miller)

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