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04:13:03 Re: S3 driver (Grzegorz B. Mazur)
05:13:03 unsubscribe (BRAM (V.I.O))
05:15:02 signal (Victor Hui)
06:13:04 NFS problem (permissions) (Christoph Kukulies)
09:13:04 Re: signal (DJ Delorie)
09:15:34 Re: signal (DJ Delorie)
11:13:45 communication about GNU C/C++ (SUPOPT%FROPT11.BITNET@FRMOP11.CNUSC.FR)
12:13:29 GNU Copyleft & getting sources (DJ Delorie)
12:15:46 Re: signal (Mark Allen Potter)
13:13:22 Compiling f2c with djgpp (Kenneth H. Carpenter)
13:15:22 Objective C solved (Dru Nelson)
13:17:12 Re: S3 driver (Edwin L Phillips Jr)
13:19:12 Re: signal (DJ Delorie)
13:20:44 Where is ld? (brian_helterline)
16:13:22 vesa.grn (was Re: S3 video) (Edwin L Phillips Jr)
16:15:46 Re: Where is ld? (Edwin L Phillips Jr)
16:17:43 VGA graphics with libgr.a (Paul Kirschner)
18:13:39 Re: VGA graphics with libgr.a (DJ Delorie)
18:15:50 New/Delete problems (Jon Nash)
18:17:39 Compiling f2c with djgpp: Missing Step (Jim Lupo)
18:19:47 Is the mail list working? (JMILLER@CHESS.EISC.UTOLEDO.EDU)

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