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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 15:07:53 EST
From: peprbv AT cfa0 DOT harvard DOT edu (Bob Babcock)
To: pamnani AT cs DOT cornell DOT edu
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

> I'm having some problems setting up the GNU C compiler.  When I try to
> compile test programs with GCC, the program seems to assemble fine,
> but right after that I get the standard DOS error, Bad Command.  It
> then does not output the object code, and I get an error that ld
> couldn't find the appropriate .o file.

The compiler generates assembly language and passes it to gas to be converted
to object code.  It sounds like you may be missing the assembler.  Running
gcc with the -v option will show you the commands it is attempting to
execute.  (I know that when I first installed djgpp, I initially thought that
I didn't need the assembler because I wasn't going to be writing assembly
language, so I didn't bother to download it.)

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