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To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
From: HLI AT trisse DOT hj DOT se
Organization: H”gskolan i J”nk”ping
Date: 13 Oct 93 15:58:25 MET+1
Subject: Stream


Me again with another bug (I think)
First thanks for the answers to the malloc-free problem, just have to
rewrite a malloc.

When I use streams and I unfortunatly give a binary file to read I get
kicked out :
    fstream S ; ;
    S >> variable ;

    => BOOUM

Isn t it possible to give a binary file and get an error in this case
or there is a special way to handle this.

A+NAD and Henrick

    hli AT tekn DOT hj DOT se
    Henric Linden
    H|gskolan J|nk|ping / J|nk|ping University
    P.O Box 1026
    551 11 J|nk|ping, Sweden


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