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From: greger AT cae DOT wisc DOT edu
Subject: two problems
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 93 17:27:33 CDT

	I just got version 1.10 of the djgpp port of gcc.  Version 1.09
worked great for me, but I have two problems with version 1.10.

	First, version 1.10 insists on using DPMI memory and nothing else.
It always gives me an out of memory error.  I have 6 Megs of memory free
along with about 20 Megs on the hard drive.  I should not get this error!
BTW I am using 386 Max version 6.01 as a memory manager.  Is there an
option for GO32 that will disable the use of DPMI?

	Second, I would like to use the source profiler but it always
tells me that the program I am profiling takes no time to run!  All times
are zero.  I 'new features and changes Doc' said that this bug was fixed.
I recomiled and linked with the new compiler and libs, but the problem
persists.  It counts the number of times the function is called, but will
not report how long it takes.  Maybe I am using the profiler wrong???

	Any help is appreciated!

	Mike Greger

	greger AT cae DOT wisc DOT edu

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