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Via:; Thu, 24 Sep 1992 09:38:33 +0100
From: John Cremona (Maths) <cremona AT vortex1 DOT exeter DOT ac DOT uk>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 09:38:22 BST
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: debug32 and demacs

Two queries:
1. Why does debug32 take such a long time to load a program?  With a
program size of 700-800K it takes many MINUTES to load which is
tiresome as it usually only takes a second from then to run hte
program, crash and say "where".
2. Yesterday someone posted hints concerning DEMACS (sorry I didn't
keep it so don't know who).  I too have had the problem that after
suspending DEMACS with C-z and restarting with "exit", I SOMETIMES get
the error that is not found.  Note the sometimes.  The
cure which always works for me is to resuspend and re-restart as I
have never got the error the second time.  I DO have the SHELL
variable set correctly, and I do have the /p set in my config.sys (as
suggested by yesterday's posting).  Anyone know why and/or how to
avoid this?

John Cremona
Department of Mathematics
University of Exeter

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