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03:41:17 Re: MS_SH200.ZIP.1 (Christoph Kukulies)
04:41:17 problem solved: did not have cc1plus (
10:41:18 Good make for use with djgpp? (Bob Pendelton)
10:57:15 Desqview/X and DJGPP (CCA::PV::DJPHILLIPS)
10:59:04 Repeated writes to cerr causes catastrophic thrashing (lanford@frihes61.bitnet)
12:47:27 Re: Windows 3.1 question (Tom Hite)
12:50:21 Re: Desqview/X and DJGPP (Harri Haba Suomalainen)
12:51:52 DJGPP 1.08: problems with DV/X (Harri "Haba" Suomalainen)
13:41:17 re: DESQview/X and DJGPP (Dan Bodoh)
22:41:18 DJGPP 1.08 serial ports (Shane Noel Smith 2245702)

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