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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 14:19:27 CDT
From: mgx!thite AT uu DOT psi DOT com (Tom Hite)
To: dj AT athena DOT ctron DOT com, jon AT halsp DOT hitachi DOT com
Subject: Re: gcc environment variables
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

>>    I recommend that there be a single environment variable (DJGCC ?) to 
>>    specify the location of the .CFG file.

>or, in the GO32 variable, "env <file>" options.  getenv() can scan
>that also, and go32 could be told to ignore it.

>dj AT ctron DOT com
>Life is a banana.

Since the GO32 environment requirements can be large, my suggestion would be
similar to the former.  Actually, a response file similar to the rest of the
DOS world might be more suitable to the users.  i.e.:

  set GO32 = [possibly_some_optsions] @response.fil

This is similar to many other packages and although I don't necessarily
consider it a 'standard', it would sit, as I stated, well with users IMHO.

The actual variable name is certainly uninteresting to me, GO32 would be fine.
The response file itself should indeed have some specific format since too many
people are involved with DJGCC to allow spontaneous additions).
something like the following should do fine:

  var = options

and No, DJ, I do not want to recompile things just to do this.  I am not
presonally concerned with the size of my environment.  However, if someone
does introduce/contribute such a beast, I present my 2 cents worth.

I would add here, that I do agree that putting everything the GCC compiler
needs in a response file is not a great idea.  GO32 stuff, which is
inherently DOS specific could certainly do as other DOS thingies...

Tom Hite
thite AT micrografx DOT com

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