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Subject: GCC environment discussion getting out of hand
To: djgpp AT ecolan DOT sbs DOT ohio-state DOT edu
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 15:11:11 EDT
From: Stephen Turnbull <turnbull AT ecolan DOT sbs DOT ohio-state DOT edu>
Sender: turnbull AT ecolan DOT sbs DOT ohio-state DOT edu

Hey guys, while I agree with Chris, Eric, at al. that the environment is
the way to communicate these parameters, I sympathize with the MS-DOS
folks' desire to "simplify" the configuration (ie, do it the way other
DOS programs usually do).  I hope they won't go off and create a patched
version of DJGPP to satisfy that desire, though, because once that happens
the two "cultures" may start to diverge and it will be harder to share
programs and techniques.  Which is what DJGPP is all about, right?
   Can't we cool out a little bit?  (This is my *last* message on .CFG.)
Stephen Turnbull
The Ohio State University, Department of Economics
410 Arps Hall, 1945 N. High St., Columbus, OH  43210-1172  USA
Phone: (614) 292-0654  Fax: ...-3906  Email: turnbull DOT 1 AT osu DOT edu

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