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From: huebner AT usakov DOT gmd DOT de (Uwe Huebner)
Subject: Re: gcc environment variables
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 14:41:27 MET DST

> >Is it possible to set the gcc configuration via a data file rather
> >than environment variables.  You could place it in the same directory
> >as gcc.exe (perhaps calling it GCC.CFG).  GCC.CFG would have all
> >the options set using environment variables.  The reason this
> >is important is that I often run out of environment space because
> >of the number of environment variables gcc and other programs
> >define in the autoexec.bat file.  One could be allowed to override
> >the gcc.cfg using the environment variable approach.  Does this
> >seem reasonable to you?
> Brilliant idea, can we have it please? I am fed up with keeping track of changes 
> in my AUTOEXEC file.
Why don't you use a line like

call /compiler/gnu/gcc/set-gcc.bat

in your AUTOEXEC.BAT???

Of course then the changes have to be made in 'set-gcc.bat' but with
the above solution the changes have to be made in 'GCC.CFG'.

So what's the improvement???

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