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Date: Sat, 22 Aug 92 20:06:31 -0600
From: jan kok <kok AT CS DOT ColoState DOT EDU>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: compiler crashes

For the following, the software is djdev107, djgas138, djgcc222,
and djlgr107.  The hardware is a 486DX with 8MB RAM, AMI BIOS
and the UM82C480 chipset.

------------------ Bug report -------------------
The compiler crashes as follows when compiling the file below.
Removing the parens around (sb->unbuffered) prevents the error.
I would guess that this is a bug in the FSF code, but I'll
let someone on this list verify that.

Segmentation violation in pointer 0x00000000 at 40:f91c7 
Exception 14 at eip=f91c7 

--- source file ---        
#include <iostream.h>

    streambuf *sb;

    sb = cin.rdbuf();    

----------------- Help request -----------------
(Thanks again to the five or so people who helped me with a similar
problem a couple months ago.  As it turned out, just installing QEMM
solved the problem.  That was with djgcc106.  Now I'm using different
dev, gcc, gas, etc. bits on a different computer.)  

When I try to use the HyperDisk disk caching utility (Ver 4.32), 
compiling gets the following errors (alternate compiles alternate 
between the two messages!):

Segmentation violation in pointer 0x00ad82bc at 40:250c8 
Exception 14 at eip=250c8 
(non-ASCII chars) rs/tter assignment

Exception 117 at eip=1020 

I'm interested in trying HyperDisk because it is supposed to be faster
than SmartDrive (according to p 200 of June 1992 Computer Shopper).
Windows 3.1 and several applications running under Windows seem to work
fine with HyperDisk, but gcc doesn't (no, I wasn't trying to compile
under Windows, though it would be nice if I could - hint, hint).  Compiling
works fine with SmartDrive (from Windows 3.1).  Any idea what's wrong?  
Or what might be wrong, so I can talk intelligently to the people at 

Here are the setup files:

---- config.sys ----
DEVICE=c:\qemm\loadhi.sys /r:1 c:\dos\ansi.sys
shell=c:\ /p /e:512
DEVICE=c:\qemm\loadhi.sys /r:2 c:\bin\hyperdkx.exe s or

---- autoexec.bat ----
PATH C:\BIN;C:\WINDOWS;C:\QL2FAX;C:\WINWORD;C:\DOS;c:\gcc\bin;c:\qemm
call gccsetup

---- gccsetup.bat ----
set COMPILER_PATH=c:/gcc/bin
set C_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/gcc/include
set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/gcc/cplusinc;c:/gcc/include
set OBJC_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/gcc/include
set OBJCPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/gcc/include
set LIBRARY_PATH=c:/gcc/lib
rem set TMPDIR=c:/tmp
rem set GO32TMP=c:/tmp
set GO32=ansi driver c:/gcc/drivers/tseng4k.grd gw 1024 gh 768
rem set BISON_SIMPLE=c:/gcc/lib/bison.simple
rem set BISON_HAIRY=c:/gcc/lib/bison.hairy
rem set FLEX_SKELETON=c:/gcc/lib/flex.skeleton

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