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07:03:14 Polling for ctrl-C (Xavier Leroy)
10:03:14 Polling for ctrl-C (DJ Delorie)
10:04:27 Re: Polling for ctrl-C (S. Linton)
10:05:38 Re: TeX -> ASCII (George Jetson)
11:03:14 Re: TeX -> ASCII (Dave Packham)
12:03:14 Re: TeX -> ASCII (DJ Delorie)
17:03:14 What is the difference beteen <varargs.h> & <stdarg.h> ? (George Jetson)
18:03:14 What is the difference beteen <varargs.h> & <stdarg.h> ? (DJ Delorie)
18:06:55 Re: your mail (Eric Backus)
19:03:14 Suggestion concerning aout2exe (Jose M. Cerqueira Esteves)

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