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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 15:29:24 +0300
From: tlehtone AT cs DOT Helsinki DOT FI (Tapio Lehtonen)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: How to unsubsribe

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the various campus mailing
lists and the local redistributions of global mailing lists by sending
email to "listserv AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu".  The commands understood by
the listserv program are:

	lists this file.  This is also sent whenever a message to
	listserv is received from which no valid command could be

HELP groupname
	lists a brief description of the group requested.

	lists all the groups available for subscription.

	lists all the groups and their descriptions.

ADD listname	 
DELETE listname	

ADD address listname	 
DELETE address listname	
	adds or deletes the given address to or from the list
	specified.  Mail is sent to the address given to confirm
	the add or delete operation.  We strongly recommend that
	you use your campus registered mailname when subscribing
	(i.e., use the second form of the command which includes
	a specification of the address).  If you omit the 'address'
	the command will assume the mailbox that is in the From:
	line of the message.  Note that SUBSCRIBE is a synonym for

A command must be the first word on each line in the message.  Lines
which do not start with a command word are ignored.  If no commands were
found in the entire message, this help file will be returned to the
user.  A single message may contain multiple commands; a separate
response will be sent for each.

Please note that is IS possible to add or delete someone else's
subscription to a mailing list.  This facility is provided so that
subscribers may alter their own subscriptions from a new or different
computer account.  There is therefore some potential for abuse; we
have chosen to limit this by mailing a confirmation notification
of any addition or deletion to the address added or deleted including
a copy of the message which requested the operation.  At least you
can find out who's doing it to you.


	add freemacs

	add ewombat freemacs

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