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Date: Tue 11 Aug 92 12:06:54
From: ronis AT ronis DOT chem DOT mcgill DOT ca (David M. Ronis)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

Sorry if I'm being a pest but in porting a rather large application
to GCC I've encountered several more problems.  

1.  If I use %g format in [s]printf I get more digits than I think I
should; e.g., %13.2g, on 5.000001 gives 5.000001 not 5.  Isn't this
incorrect?  The other c-compilers I've tried give 5.

2.  I'm having trouble reassigning the color indices.  I use the
GrSetColor function to set the colors I want.  However when I go to
graphics mode (Gr_default_graphics on an ATI Wonder Card) they are
ignored.  I've used the GrQueryColor to see what happens, and the
colors in the palette seem to have the values I want, but it seems
that the palette is ignored when drawing.  I've tried setting the
colors in graphics mode or before I go into graphics mode, with
similar results.  Similary, I've unsuccessfully tried the
GrRefreshColors() function before and after resetting the colors.

3.  I'm also having trouble getting into Super VGA mode.  I should be
able to have a maximum screen size of 1024 X 780.  The biggest I can
get is 780 X 600, even though my GO32 environment variable has 
gw 1024 and gh 780.

Thanks again.

David Ronis

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