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Date: 10 Aug 92 11:58:41 GMT+1200
From: chris moseley <MOSELECW AT elec DOT canterbury DOT ac DOT nz>
Subject: novell networks
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

I suspect the problem is with the following operation on a network
        >dir v:/djgpp
        invalid option
ie: novell will not take the forward slashes aka unix, but DOS
systems will. the hassle involved with changing this is probably
immense: someone would have to go through and change the file handling
in DJGPP so that it excreted backslashes when it received forward
slashes in file paths. (or work out how to detect a novell network,
then change).

this is a bit of a problem, and I am not sure that I want to be the
`someone' that goes through and creates the appropriate diffs.
Especially since there does not seem to be much interest, and I would
then be left with a NOVELL-unique DJGPP, in that I would have to
repeat much of the work for each version of DJGPP, to make sure that
the new diffs had not corrupted my diffs....

BUT, if there are enough people out there who are interested I am
willing to have a go - comments, suggestions, sources, offers of


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