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Date: 3 Aug 92 15:30:15 GMT+1200
From: chris moseley <MOSELECW AT elec DOT canterbury DOT ac DOT nz>
Subject: help
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

I posted the other day about the following message:

ld: file not found for libgcc.a

Unfortunately we are have news-feed trouble here, so I have not got
anything from this list for the last week. If there were any replies, can
someone please email them to me: moselecw AT elec DOT canterbury DOT ac DOT nz

including `-L gcc' on the command line cured the problem for a while
(once?) but I now have the message back. there is no `gcc' file in the path
of local directory, then or now, and the environment is the same, so I don't
know what the problem is.

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