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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 92 12:23:28 +0200
From: ms AT informatik DOT uni-hannover DOT de (Michael Sperber)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu DOT ddn
Subject: Memory allocation problem with GO32

I think I've found a pretty serious bug in GO32:
The PageTest that comes with the dev package aborts
after having paged about 2700 K with the message
"Out of conventional memory".  The same thing happens
with a program compiled under DJGPP 1.05 of mine which
uses LOTS of memory.  Both worked find under 1.06.  The problem
shows up consistenly after a program has used up above amount
of virtual memory.  I tried to track down the problem, and I
think it must be in the page_out routine -- there's a
new section for VA_640 paging which wasn't there before,
I think.  (It sure wasn't there in 1.05.)  The memory the program
uses up before it crashes is apparently independent on the
amount of free memory - it's always the same no matter how
much XMS or Low Memory is occupied.

Since the problem occurs on both of my machines, I think it must be
with GO32. My setups:

386/20, 387, 8 Megs, WD7000 SCSI, DOS 5.0, HIMEM 2.77
486/33, 256 K Cache, 4 Megs, AT-Bus drive, DOS 5.0, HIMEM 2.77

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  On the other hand:
Could I safely switch back to GO32 1.06.  I vaguely
remember that question was on the list before.

Smiles :-{ Chipsy

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