Mail Archives: djgpp/1992/08/04/23:35:56

Date: 29 Jul 92 12:08:05 GMT+1200
From: MOSELECW AT elec DOT canterbury DOT ac DOT nz
Subject: beginner needs help
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

I have got djgpp installed on a novell server in the department. The trouble
is, it runs `fine' but will not compile even a `hello world'.

the error message is:
  ld: file not found for libgcc.a

I have the environment set up properly, as per instructions. (copied the
text into a batch file, changed the : to a ;, ran it)

Also, where can I get the FSF manuals for gcc - all I have is the stuff that
came with djgpp (`using and porting gnu cc'), or is that it - we are
expected to have a reference manual for the language already??

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