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04:02:48 Which EMM emulator runs go32 (king@smrsu1.SINet.SLB.COM)
08:02:48 curses library works fine (Chet A. Creider)
08:04:12 Re: segmentation fault problem/Holub csh (Chet A. Creider)
09:04:16 paging with 2M of memory (DJ Delorie)
09:06:49 Re: is there an archive site for this list? seg viol wi 1.07? (Willem Jan Withagen)
12:02:48 cross compilation for DJ1.0x (Alvin Starr)
15:02:48 exception 7 (1.06) (Christoph Kukulies)
16:02:48 exception 7 (1.06) (DJ Delorie)
16:04:41 cross compilation for DJ1.0x (
19:02:48 Re: cross compilation for DJ1.0x (Alvin Starr)
20:02:48 Help: DJGPP compiled program seems to give wrong output. (Guangxi Wu)

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