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From: Ross Becker <beckerr AT pyrite DOT SOM DOT CWRU DOT Edu>
Subject: Make, where?
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 92 18:25:57 EDT

Users of DJGPP- 
  I am looking for a port of GNU make that works. I have found two versions
of it, neither of which worked- one of which gives me a processor exception
when it runs (blows QEMM, QEMM notifies me of exception) The other version
does not blow Qemm, it just fails when it tries to exec() anything. I am
running a 386-33 w/ co-pro, DOS 5, and QEMM 6. Both versions of the make
were different compilations of the GNUish port of make 3.58, by Thorsten
Ohl, I believe. One was from vulcan.?.phyast something or other, and I really
cannot remember where the other one came from. Any help???

 Also- I really do not have access to a TEX system, and I would really like to 
avoid messing around w/ getting a version running on my machine- Does anyone
out there know how to get those .TEX files translated to formatted ASCII docs?
Anyone Done this?? DJ??  Any help appreciated..


    Thanks much,
     Ross Becker
     beckerr AT pyrite DOT som DOT cwru DOT edu

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