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Via:; Tue, 21 Jul 1992 15:52:30 +0100
From: J S Glover <J DOT S DOT Glover AT durham DOT ac DOT uk>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 92 15:52:17 BST
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: v1.07 unable to find include files

Hi there,

  I've used v1.05 and v1.06 with very little trouble. I have just downloaded
and installed the latest version v1.07. Attempting to compile programs which
have been compiled with previous versions I get complaints that the compiler
is unable to find the appropriate include files eg. pc.h and stdlib.h.

  In file included from
  prbs.h:11: pc.h: file not found
  prbs.h:12: stdlib.h: file not found
  prbs.h:13: iostream.h: file not found
  prbs.h:14: new.h: file not found

Yes, they do exist in the correct location in the djgpp tree. The only
difference in setup between v1.06 and v1.07 seems to be that there is now
   "set TMPDIR=c:/tmp" 
as opposed to
   "set TEMP=c:/tmp".
Have I missed something patently obvious in the documentation somewhere?
If so where?

The environment variable CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH is
  set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=c:/usr/djgpp/cplusinc:c:/usr/djgpp/include

  On another matter what specific effect does the "-m486" option which is
specified in the GCC documentation have?

  Thanks for any help they can be offered, as I've returned to v1.06 for the
present until I can resolve the include file problem.

  (j DOT s DOT glover AT durham DOT ac DOT uk)

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