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04:02:45 How to get byte-packed buffer structures? (Thommy M. Malmstroem)
04:04:21 Re: Video modes and some distribution questions (Christoph Kukulies)
08:02:45 Objective C "mode" (Animesh Karna)
09:02:45 Objective C "mode" (Hassan Saleh)
09:04:11 -pg works (DJ Delorie)
09:05:40 DJGPP Version 1.07 in U.K.? (DJ Delorie)
10:02:45 How to get byte-packed buffer structures? (DJ Delorie)
10:04:26 Segments and go32 (DJ Delorie)
10:05:59 Objective C "mode" (DJ Delorie)
10:07:14 sector not found (Jeff Treece)
10:08:31 Some distribution answers (DJ Delorie)
10:09:50 Some distribution answers (DJ Delorie)
10:11:22 RE: djgpp 1.07 in UK - yesy there is! (John Fletcher)
11:02:45 Re: Objective C "mode" (Christoph Kukulies)
11:04:47 patch for doscan.c (Dieter Buerssner)
12:02:50 How to get byte-packed buffer structures? (
12:04:35 your mail did not have a subject (Christoph Kukulies)
14:02:45 fixed gppconio.c (Dieter Buerssner)
17:02:45 Re: fc2 (Hassan Saleh)
18:02:45 Re: Exceptions and go32 (Thomas Greve)
20:05:25 Re: patch for doscan.c (Eric Backus)
20:08:06 Re: ATI Graphics Vantage (Csaba A. Biegl)
20:09:51 Re: ATI Graphics Vantage (
23:04:00 ctrl-break (Animesh Karna)

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