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Date: Sat, 20 Jun 92 22:20:00 PDT
From: umminger AT math DOT berkeley DOT edu (Frederick W. Umminger)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

Dear Mr. Delorie,

	I would like to make a bug report, but I am not
sure what information will be most useful to you. What 
happened is the following - while running a program that 
I was debugging (not using debug32, just running it 
with go32), the computer was engaging in incredibly long
hard disk accesses when the program reached the constructors
I was working on. I can only presume this was due to 
swapping because the constructors contained no disk io 
operations. Not knowing when, if ever, the disk accesses 
were going to end, I was stopping them and the program 
by warm-booting using control-alt-delete. Control-C wasn't
working.  After doing this twice, I think, the program 
terminated the third time during the disk accesses to give
an "out of swap space" error ( I don't remember the message
precisely). At this point I noticed that the last 16 or so
megabytes of free space on my hard drive had been reduced to 
less than 100 Kbytes. I thought that maybe my warm boots
had left enormous swap files in the tmp directory, but 
after I deleted everything in this directory I still had
less than 100 Kbytes free disk space. Later I discovered
that I can no longer boot from the hard drive. Otherwise, 
everything seems fine - I can boot from floppy and then 
use the hard drive as normal except for the missing megabytes.
	I am using a generic 486-33 with 4 MB and
	Thanks to everyone for the advice. chkdsk /F worked
wonders; I have all of my megabytes back and can boot again.
In fact, I have a lot more megabytes than before!

				Thanks again!
					Frederick Umminger

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