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Tim Van Holder wrote:
> As for the blank, the Linux man page isn't very clear either:
>   First (if s is not NULL and *s is not NUL) the argument string s is
>   printed, followed by a colon and a blank.  Then the message and a
>   new‚??line.
> This is decidedly unclear about the fate of the colon and blank if
> s is null or empty.

If in doubt, look at a standard. Here's what draft 7 of new POSIX says:

"First (if s is not a null pointer and the character pointed to by s is not
the null byte), the string pointed to by s followed by a colon and a <space>.

Then an error message string followed by a <newline>."

I don't have time to look at C99 right now. But POSIX embraces that, so it
should be the same.

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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