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Subject: Re: strtod.c: inf and nan support
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Martin Stromberg wrote:
> Some more questions:
> 1. Should we support "nan(0x233)" to set specific bits in the NaN?
> I'm willing to do the strto{d,f,ld}() parts, but not the *printf()
> part.

For those who don't have the C99 standard:

"An implementation may use the n-char sequence to determine extra information
to be represented in
the NaN?s significand."

where "the n-char sequence" is the thing in brackets, e.g. 0x233 above.

For those with the C99 standard, this is footnote 250, which is in section

(I'm out of my depth with this floating-point stuff, so I won't say anything

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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