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05:53:33 Re: strtod.c: inf and nan support (Martin Stromberg)
09:35:36 DJGPP port of Perl 5.6.1, POSIX::WEXITSTATUS [PATCH] (Richard Dawe)
09:37:49 Use _get_dev_info & constants in isatty; add test [PATCH] (Richard Dawe)
10:05:06 perror (JT Williams)
10:07:06 Re: perror (DJ Delorie)
10:13:51 Re: perror (Martin Stromberg)
10:30:41 Re: perror (Tim Van Holder)
10:31:18 Re: perror (JT Williams)
10:36:54 Re: strtod.c: inf and nan support (Richard Dawe)
10:38:08 Add vindex entries for environment variables [PATCH] (Richard Dawe)
10:57:03 Re: perror (Richard Dawe)
10:58:02 Re: perror (JT Williams)
12:00:23 Re: perror (DJ Delorie)
12:04:05 Re: perror (CBFalconer)
12:04:05 Re: perror (CBFalconer)

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