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Hi there.

According to Richard Dawe:
> There seem to be two solutions:
> 1. Make POSIX::WEXITSTATUS (and the other POSIX:W*) do something special for
> DJGPP, to cope with the inconsistency between the return code of Perl's
> "system" call and POSIX::W*.
> 2. DJGPP doesn't have working wait*. So we can make W* from <sys/wait.h>
> compatible with Linux (and other Unices, I'm guessing) without breaking
> anything. I.e.: follow the Unix Way.

3. Make Perl's "system" function compatible with the underlying OS
(might include documentation changes).

Don't take the following two points too seriously (even if they are
true, AFAICT):

1 is obviously wrong. POSIX::WEXITSTATUS should match the header.

Not 2. It's perl's problem if it can't adjust to the platform.

However, if nobody's using W* from <sys/wait.h>, then 2 would correct
it in a perl friendly way.



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