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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 01:40:55 +0000
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To: DJGPP workers <djgpp-workers AT delorie DOT com>
Subject: Re: Implementation of fchmod [PATCH]
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:40:50 +0000
> > From: Richard Dawe <rich AT phekda DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk>
> >
> > FWIW Linux allows writes to the file, after fchmod'ing to be read-only.
> > The test program at the end of this mail works fine on Linux. The file
> > is read-only afterwards.
> Then there's no problem, I think.  Thanks for looking into this.

You're welcome. It's nice to see DOS works like Linux sometimes (or

> > I thought about returning ENOSYS instead of ENOENT. I think you suggested
> > this before. But this would be misleading, I think. I take ENOSYS to mean
> > that the system call is not implemented at all, whereas we've partially
> > implemented it. So I think ENOENT is right.
> ENOSYS means the feature is not supported, so I think it's okay.  I
> won't mind to use ENOENT, but please consider what will a user think
> when presented with "No such file or directory" in response to a
> function that didn't accept any file name.

I agree ENOSYS makes more sense from a user's perspective. I'll change the

I also wonder how many people will actually check fchmod's return code...

> > But how do we detect that standard handles are piped?
> Call isatty on the handle; if it returns zero, the handle is
> redirected.

But can we assume file descriptors 0, 1, etc. are actually standard handles?
What happens if the program closes them and then opens some other file? I
don't think we can reliably tell whether it's a standard handle. So we can't
return the pipe-specific error.

Thanks, bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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