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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:27:10 -0500
From: CBFalconer <cbfalconer AT yahoo DOT com>
Organization: Ched Research
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To: djgpp-workers AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Re: FSEXT hooks for chmod, chown [PATCH]
References: <E18lpSc-0000aK-00 AT phekda DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk> <200302201830 DOT h1KIUuw13116 AT envy DOT delorie DOT com>
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DJ Delorie wrote:
> >    __FSEXT_llseek,
> >    __FSEXT_readlink,
> >    __FSEXT_symlink,
> > +  __FSEXT_chmod,
> > +  __FSEXT_chown,
> >    __FSEXT_fchown
> >  } __FSEXT_Fnumber;
> Why aren't new entries added at the bottom?  This way, the value
> of __FSEXT_fchown changes.

Probably to avoid the hassle of modifying an extra line.  Maybe it
should define "__FSEXT_invalid" as the last to remove the
temptation in future :-)  I assume this is an enumeration.

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