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Subject: Re: _rdtsc proposal
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Charles Sandmann wrote:
> Given the FAQ nature of rdtsc; given the potential to use this in libc;
> for your amusement and comments.  Patterned after farptr.h.  When
> used inline for timing generates the single assembly instruction with
> no additional overhead (cool for timing small C sections).  If OK,
> also will add makefile entry and docs.  Yes I know it can kill
> some CPUs - that will be in the docs with an example how to work
> around it. ... snip ...

What I worry about is that the instruction will slip into
something critical or other, and just lie there until someone with
a 486 (like me) tries to use it.  It should be hard to access it,
and the access should only be via a routine that can protect it. 
So timer resolution falls - tough.

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