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Subject: Re: fix for copyrite.c[c]/
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Charles Sandmann wrote:
... snip ...
> No, Win2K/XP is internally using short names and doing conversions.
> But if you install in a directory relatively high up in the disk
> structure it's not a problem ... Or use SUBST

SUBST is usually the forgotten utility. It can also eliminate
those ugly blanks in paths.  I setup the following in autoexec.bat
(Microsoft software has a tendency to be even buggier when not
installed in their default locations):

[1] c:\p\junk>subst

[1] c:\p\junk>cd \progra~1\micros~3

[1] c:\program files\microsoft visual studio>set vcpath

I don't think I have used any of that for a year or more!

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