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Subject: Re: fix for copyrite.c[c]/
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On 11 Feb 2003 at 8:57, Charles Sandmann wrote:

> > btw, in an NT (2K) VDM however I saw 'file not found' errors for
> > stat() when the pathlen > 64. Shouldn't LFNizing have avoided that?
> No, LFN on W2K/XP still have path length limits on the short name
> equivalents.  It shows how it works under the hood ...

Given copyrite.c uses only dir/file names that were obtained with 
readdir(), isn't it working exclusively in the LFN "name space"?

> There is code in DJGPP to work with this - but you must use relative
> paths instead of absolute paths when deep in the directory structure.

Do you mean relative in the sense that a dirname without a path
still needs to be prefixed with a ".\"?

If not: copyrite.c uses only relative paths (because it doesn't use 
glob() ;)     chdir(dp->d_name); do_dir(); chdir("..");

> I think the last block should be handled by manual edits, 

Well, do you have someone in mind who is going to go through and 
inspect/edit each file manually? :)

> especially since it may have modifications copyright DJGPP.  
> There probably should be a slightly different header to show this.

yep. see any BSD-derived source for example. Like netdb.h which has 
the original regents copyright followed by a DEC/Vixie one, followed 
by an implementation specific one.

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