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> No, we shouldn't push anything to the stack, so we can't do the addition
> here.  But if we put __djgpp_stack_limit + _stklen into another variable
> (maybe call it __djgpp_heap_bottom) then it's quite possible to check
> that too.  OK to commit?

I would rather call it something like __djgpp_stack_top (it may not
be related at all to heap) if we did it.

I think the change to "jb" fixes the signed-ness issue - so I'm not
sure this is really needed.

The new top limit will causes problems with interrupt wrappers since
they live in heap space - fix is not to compile anything used in
a wrapper with check stack

I'd be interested to see this working, see how much of a run-time
impact it has, and how much checking the second limit changes the
run-time performance.

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