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Subject: Re: fix for copyrite.c[c]/
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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 08:57:40 -0600 (CST)
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> btw, in an NT (2K) VDM however I saw 'file not found' errors for
> stat() when the pathlen > 64. Shouldn't LFNizing have avoided that?

No, LFN on W2K/XP still have path length limits on the short name 
equivalents.  It shows how it works under the hood ...

There is code in DJGPP to work with this - but you must use relative
paths instead of absolute paths when deep in the directory structure.

> > I should clarify - the original program had main(void) - so had no
> > options - and always behaved a particular way.  The new version takes
> > arguments.  [Documentation]
> Yes, but it behaves the same way as the old .cc if no arguments are 
> provided. ie, specifying which directory to start in is optional.

But if you add new features you must document them...  Suppose someone
was calling the old program incorrectly with a command argument which
was ignored.  New one behaves differently.

So back to main(void) - or write usage documentation.  If a new 
feature is worth adding it's worth documenting.

>  * - If the file contains a non-DJ copyright *AND* a DJ copyright
>  *   *AND* that DJ copyright was an automatically prepended one, 
>  *   then remove the latter - It had been prepended by the old
>  *   broken This functionality is a by-product
>      of the "find copyright" process, and is a one-time fix.

I think the last block should be handled by manual edits, especially
since it may have modifications copyright DJGPP.  There probably
should be a slightly different header to show this.

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