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Subject: Re: Checking for stack overflow
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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 11:16:53 +0100 (MET)
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Esa said:
> OK.  Here's what I wrote during the weekend.  Assuming that esp has
> already decremented to point to the newly allocated space, the possible
> overflow is detected thus:
> 	cmpl	___djgpp_stack_limit, %esp
> 	jge	0f
> 	movl	$0f, ___djgpp_stack_overflow_eip
> 	jmp	___djgpp_stack_overflow_exit
> 0:

If we add __stklen into the formula (untested):

	pushl	%eax
	movl	___djgpp_stack_limit, %eax
	cmpl	%eax, %esp
	jb	0f
	add	__stklen, %eax	; Ooooh, we do actually add __stklen!
	cmpl	%eax, %esp
	jb	1f
	popl	%eax
	movl	$0f, ___djgpp_stack_flowing_wild_eip
	jmp	___djgpp_stack_flowing_wild_exit
	popl	%eax

we detect stack underflow or local variable of sizes > 2GiB as well.



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