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On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Richard Dawe wrote:

> It still doesn't work for the cases where ".."s go above the
> root directory. So either findfirst (& findnext, I guess) or __solve_symlinks
> needs to be fixed. But does the fix belong in findfirst or __solve_symlinks?
> We could "fix" findfirst & findnext to cope with excess ".."s on DOS.

IMHO, the fix should be in __solve_symlinks.  findfirst/findnext are 
more-or-less direct interfaces to DOS system calls, with no simple 
equivalent on Posix systems, and DOS barfs when there are excess ".." in 
the file name.  The feature whereby "/.." is equivalent to "/" is a Posix 
feature, so we should emulate that in the Posix layer.  Pure DOS 
functions such as findfirst should behave like DOS does.

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