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Subject: Re: fix for copyrite.c[c]/
References: <3E450FB4 DOT 28479 DOT B954E177 AT localhost> from "Cyrus Patel" at Feb 08, 2003 02:08:34 PM <3E47B9E6 DOT 29472 DOT C3BDC5DE AT localhost>
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Cyrus Patel wrote:
> In fact, my initial decision for a dir walk was because I assumed
> I could get the file type from the dirent, and so avoid uneccessary
> stat()s for directories. That doesn't work on djgpp (djgpp's dirent,
> like linux's, but unlike bsd/sysv, has no d_type member).

FWIW dirent does have a d_type member in DJGPP CVS (read: what will be DJGPP

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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