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Why did you change the file from C++ to C?  That should be necessary.

> b) as described below, I'm into error checking, and djgpp glob()
> doesn't support an error handler.

Er, it should.

> I wanted to build the executable with turboc and watcomc too

Don't forget linux.

> a) do_file() uses fd io rather than stream io - its more efficient,
>    its easier to check for errors, and its immune to binary/text
>    differences.

No, it's not immune.  It has exactly the same issues as stream io.
And stream io is specifically designed to be much more efficient than
raw io in a djgpp environment.  Please use stream io.

> Are we talking about the same file? :)

Don't be sarcastic.  What he means is that it would be nice to have
something in the utils.txi file that properly documents what the
utility is and how to properly use it.  Just because it wasn't done
before doesn't mean it shouldn't be done now.

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