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Subject: Re: djgpp: djgpp/include/string.h,strings.h
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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 23:11:47 -0600 (CST)
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> > > Richard, did you try to see whether an old GCC version swallows this
> > > successfully?  Like compile a program with GCC 2.7.2.x or 2.8?
> > 
> > Er, no. But I don't see why I wouldn't work. gcc 3.x currently defaults to C89
> > mode, which means it doesn't define __STDC_VERSION__. So when it comes to
> > evaluating this #if/#endif, gcc 2.x and gcc 3.x should behave the same,
> > which their default settings (e.g.: no -std=c<whatever> or
> > -std=gnu<whatever>).
> We introduce this for the benefit of older versions of GCC.  So I
> think we should test this with those older versions, to make sure we
> don't break those users who still have them installed.

It seems that at least gcc 2.8.1 builds current cvs libc OK.

gcc has some problems (does surprisingly well)
but this is expected with a 7 year old compiler.  In particular, some
of the new headers cause errors. 

../../../../include/libc/fsexthlp.h:32: warning: inline declaration ignored for
function with `...'  (do we really need inline?)

../../../../include/stdint.h:27: parse error before `__extension__'
../../../../include/stdint.h:37: parse error before `__extension__'

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