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> Have you tried running the small findfirst test program that I posted? I think
> the difference in behaviour may be down to findfirst.

I just hunted it down (search for ./fftest.exe) - your example was:

> bash-2.04$ ./fftest.exe ../../../autoexec.bat
> ../../../autoexec.bat -> ../../../autoexec.bat
> ../../../autoexec.bat: matched
> bash-2.04$ ./fftest.exe ../../../../autoexec.bat
> ../../../../autoexec.bat -> ../../../../autoexec.bat
> ../../../../autoexec.bat: unmatched

I confirm different behavior on Win2K and Win98.  (On Win2K the second
example above will match).

Excess ../../.. will find files in the root directory on Win2K (such
as autoexec.bat) but will fail (unmatched) on Win98.  Win2K seems to
emulate a unixy type behavior of .. in root pointing to root - while
Win98 does not.

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